No matter if you are big or small, alone or in a Group, on Business or leisture – the TUTicket transport association offers you the right ticket.The TUTicket Transport association and the transport companies offer modern public transport with uniform fares, which goes beyond the borders of the Tuttlingen district.

On the following pages you will find detailes Information about all fare offers, from one-way fare tickets to Annual Travel Passes (AboCard).

According to target groups

"Whether commuters, students, tourists or families, occasional or frequent travelers: Here you will find the right ticket sorted by target groups."

According to tickets

"Whether single or daily ticket, weekly or monthly card: Here you will find our entire ticket offer as overview, sorted by ticket."

According to the purpose of the journey

"Whether you commute professionally, want to drive to school or plan a trip. Here you will find the right tariff, sorted by purpose."

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